Author: Janel Duffy

Ways Your Family And Friends Can Support You In Postpartum
Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum: You Don't Have to Do It Like Your Mom Did
What I Thought I Knew About Postpartum
The Overwhelming Experience Of Googling Baby Registry Checklists
What The Gift Of Support Looks and Feels Like
How To Get Your Family To Contribute To Your BeHerVillage Registry
Why Does a Doula Cost So Much?
What Exercises Can I Do While Pregnant?
What Are Millennial Moms Registering For?
Why Postpartum Care Is Essential and How Millennial Moms Can Afford It
What Do Newborn Babies Actually Need?
What To Get An Expectant Dad For Father's Day
Why You Should Register for Services Instead of Stuff
How to Pay For Postpartum Support With a Gift Registry
Making Perinatal Care Accessible and Affordable
What Do Moms Need For Postpartum?
How Not to Get Sick
How to Financially Plan For Your Family With Be Her Village and EarlyBird
How You Can Best Prepare for Breastfeeding
How Serena Williams Changed Her Own Birth Outcome
How to Be An Eco-Conscious Parent Before Your Baby Arrives
Where to Find the Best Portrayal of the Postpartum Experience on Netflix
Where To Turn for Support When Your Family Isn't Close
What's the Difference Between a Postpartum Doula and Your Well-Meaning Aunt?
How to Explain Pregnancy and Postpartum Support To Your Family
Surviving the Holidays as a New Parent
The Day We Were Born: Janel's Birth Story
Hearing Baby's Heartbeat
Even If You Don't Love Being Pregnant You're Still a Good Mom
Dating Me (And My Baby)
Baby Registry Must Haves
What If We Did Baby Showers Like This?
Where to Get the "Village" When You're Pregnant
We're Making Our Mark
How to Create the Best Baby Registry
Balancing My Daughter and Me
Why Moms of Newborns Need Support Not Baby Gear
Why You Need the Be Her Village Registry If You're Having a Baby
I Look Like I Had a Baby
How to Navigate Holiday Parties With a Newborn
What Not to Say to a Brand New Mom
Introducing: "Sex and the Suburbs"
Momala Harris for Blended Families
How I Learned to Breastfeed In Public
Button Snap Jammies Are The Worst
How to Feel Normal Again After Having a Baby
First Night Away
The Sleep Saga
How to Customize Your Be Her Village Baby Registry
How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower
The New Way To Baby Shower
What to Do If You Don't Want a Regular Baby Shower
How I Figured Out Breastfeeding When It Was Really Freaking Hard
We Are All Alanis Morissette
Our First Birthday, Quarantine Style
Why Every New Mom Needs a New Mom Group
The Best Gift to Send to Your Out of Town BFF Who Just Had a Baby
15 Ways to Help Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby
What You Actually Need While Getting Ready For Your Newborn
Quarantine is My Postpartum 2.0
What Does a Doula Do At a Home Birth?
Where (not) to Go to Get Your Postpartum Questions Answered


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