What To Get An Expectant Dad For Father's Day

Another Reason To Share Your BeHerVillage Registry

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: June 13, 2022
For the soon-to-be dads (whether it’s the first time or for the third), there’s a whole lot available on the BeHerVillage registry that support the fathers in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum too. Here are some items on the BeHerVillage registry that would also make a great gift for a soon-to-be dad: Massage: He might already be sore from putting together cribs and helping to rearrange furniture during the nesting phase, or sleeping in weird positions to support mom’s growing belly and discomfort at night. A couples massage can help him savor a few moments of calm with you before (or after) your new baby arrives.  Childbirth Classes: Let’s get dad prepped for what’s about to happen in birth, shall we? He might want to know that it’s not always as rushed and full of screaming as portrayed on TV (although that’s still entirely possible). Help him understand the signs of labor, when to head to the hospital or call the midwife, how to stay calm and be a helpful force while baby is making their way Earthside. New Parent Support Groups: Here’s a secret: nobody knows what they’re doing when they become new parents. That’s why having new parent support groups is so great! You can connect and get real-time answers from people in the same boat as you. These new parent support groups can be really helpful for dads so they can feel a little more comfortable with all of the new changes. Infant Sleep Specialist: Help dad help mom and help baby sleep, because we all feel better when we get consistent, quality sleep. Doula: Doulas help dads be a helpful active participant in labor and delivery. Sure, plenty of dads have been in delivery rooms catching babies without doulas, but doulas just make everything better. Doulas act as an advocate and a coach, so all dad has to do is be present with his partner in birth. (If you want to hear a dad talk about having a doula, check out this podcast episode!) Meal Delivery: Chances are, dad is going to be sleep deprived too while transitioning into those early days postpartum. With a gift to a favorite restaurant or take-out place everybody will be able to eat well and get some extra rest in the meantime. You weren’t expecting sock or watch engraving suggestions, were you? We’re all about the support and not the stuff. Get dad the gifts he needs to be prepared for birth and postpartum, so he can be supported and supportive. Happy Father’s Day!

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