How To Add "Sleep" To Your Baby Registry

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: June 11, 2024

TL/DR: gentle sleep coaching can help you and your family establish healthy sleep routines.

One of the questions you will be asked constantly as a brand new parent is “Are they sleeping for you?” or some variation of it. With my first baby, this question was always triggering because I had absolutely no idea how to get my baby to sleep unless she was on me or nursing. And it felt almost like a personal failure that I just couldn’t figure out how to get my baby to sleep. I also didn’t know where to turn for help, because Google and the new mom instagram accounts I was following seemed to offer contradictory advice about wake windows, drowsy-but-awake, nursing to sleep, schedules, etc. It was a lot, I was overwhelmed, and needless to say, I was really tired.

I wish I had known about working with a gentle sleep coach

A gentle sleep coach is someone who offers a personalized approach that helps families develop healthy sleep habits for their little ones, tailored to their unique family dynamics. Sleep coaches help you create routines, bedtime rituals, and offer you a better understanding about sleep, all within the lens of your family’s values and preferences. 

Many people cringe at the words “sleep coaching”, because there are a lot of misconceptions about it.

Lots of parents hear “sleep coach” and immediately think of a rigid sleep schedule, letting your baby cry-it-out, and ignoring your baby’s needs. Many also assume that working with a sleep coach means you’re going to be told to stop nursing your baby to sleep and to stop bed-sharing. But, we want to set the record straight about sleep coaching, so you can consider adding “sleep” to your baby registry. 


Reasons to work with a sleep coach

If “getting good sleep with a newborn” isn’t reason enough, here are a few more reasons you might want to consider hiring a sleep coach:

Understanding baby sleep:

Babies don’t come with a manual. And even if they did, the manual could never fully encompass the nuances of your unique baby, living situation, and needs. Working with a sleep specialist means you’ll get a tailored understanding of your baby’s sleep patterns and needs. You’ll understand your baby’s cues for sleep vs. hunger, you’ll learn their cycles, and you’ll learn how to create a sleep routine that works for your baby as well as your family. This might mean nursing them to sleep, putting them in a bassinet on their own, using a swaddle, not using a swaddle, etc.


Parental rest:

Sleep deprivation is no joke. Not only does a lack of sleep make for a cranky parent, it can also slow down your healing, affect your ability to make decisions, and make it really hard to care for your baby and yourself properly. A sleep coach can provide strategies to help your baby sleep longer or at least, more consistently so you can prioritize sleeping when your baby sleeps. You can also work with an overnight care specialist to reinforce the sleep routine for your baby and sleep consistency for you!

Navigating transitions and regressions:
You might have the experience that so many parents have, where their newborn is so sleepy and you think “Wow, this baby sleep thing isn’t so bad!”, only to have everything upside down at the four month (or any other month) sleep regression. Or maybe you have a great little sleeper and then you have to visit a family member in another state, or you want to take a short weekend trip with your family. Sometimes these transitional times can lead to a messed up sleep schedule and it’s hard to get back on track. Having a sleep specialist handy can help you understand how to get back into a rhythm that feels good for your whole family.


Sleep for the rest of your family:

If you already have a toddler or bigger kid at home and you’re bringing home a new baby, sometimes it’s not the baby that you need a sleep consultant for. With the disruption of schedule, big feelings about being an older sibling, and the overall vibe of the new family dynamic, your toddler or older child might go through a bit of a sleep regression of their own. Working with a sleep professional will help you navigate big kid sleep, help you figure out schedules for more than one kiddo, and maybe even help you time the naps so you can get a solid chunk of quiet time during the day!


Putting a sleep coach onto your baby registry before you need them is a pro move

Even if you’re still pregnant and haven’t welcomed your baby into the world yet, it’s a smart idea to put sleep coaching onto your BeHerVillage baby registry. This way you can find the perfect professional that you feel vibes with your family AND you can collect the funds from your family and friends so that if you do end up needing to work with a sleep coach– you have the money handy to pay for them. The flexibility of the BeHerVillage registry makes it possible for you to use your funds right away, or save them until your baby is crawling!

Find the right fit with the BeHerVillage registry

With the registry guide you can browse through the different professionals in your area (or virtually) so you can see who matches your parenting style. Not every professional is the perfect fit with every family, and that’s okay! With the list of options you’ll be able to find someone who will work with your unique needs, and help you reach your unique goals!


Resources on baby sleep from some of the BeHerVillage pros!

A blog post about guiding infants  to fall asleep on their own:

A podcast episode about establishing sleep routines:

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