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We are a groundbreaking online baby registry for services. Because let's face it: No one needs more stuff. Instead of being gifted thousands of dollars of expensive baby items (42 newborn-size onesies anyone?) we’re helping moms get what they really need: Support! We believe moms should be celebrated just as much as their babies. The perfect gift, every time.
It’s simple: The parents-to-be add the services they want to their registry. Friends and family send money directly to the new parents using our unique cash registry. New moms use the funds to get exactly what they need (and deserve).
You get to choose how you receive your gift money! To get your funds deposited right into your bank account simply set up your Stripe account. This makes it simple for your loved ones to celebrate you. It's as easy as clicking a button! All of your sensitive information is safe and secure. Connect your account today to feel the support of your village!
Using our site is completely free. You can make a registry, find service providers, and receive funds from friends and family with no fee. Yes, really! Be Her Village is committed to make motherhood better by creating more access to services before and after baby comes. We think everyone deserves to be celebrated.

When your loved ones deposit their cash gifts directly into your account using Stripe there will be a small processing fee for each transaction. This fee will be clearly shown in the checkout process. Each gift funded through our platform includes a donation to an organization that support local mothers. Every gift you receive helps a new mom in your local community.
Ready to create a registry? Start here!

Line up all the support you need to bring your baby home with calm and confidence. And be sure to check out our registry guide. It’s easy to craft the perfect registry for you.
You know you need support but you’re not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Use our registry guide to learn all about what types of services you might want as you get ready for baby. We walk you through all the different ways to get support. Your village awaits!

Check out our registry essentials to get a mini masterclass on the basics. Subscribe to our podcast to listen to in-depth interviews with experts that support women as they navigate motherhood. If you still have questions shoot us an email: and we’ll get you some answers!
Already know who your village is? Add custom services to your registry. You can fill in the type of service you would like and the info for the business you are using. Then your loved ones know exactly who will be supporting you during this special time! Crafting your perfect registry has never been easier. And who doesn’t love easy?
Booking your services is as easy as reaching out to the service provider you plan to use and letting them know you’d like to work with them. You will complete the transaction and enlist their support off-site. With your bank account flush with gifted funds the world is your oyster! Choose the services that fit your needs and feel all the love of your friends and family!
The beauty of our cash registry is that you can change your mind as much as you’d like. Because let’s face it, we have no idea what we are going to need until baby gets here. So if you register for a service and decide you need more of it or have a change of plans, it's no problem! You spend the money you receive from your loved ones however you see fit. The important thing is that you find the support you need, when you need it. That’s what having a village is all about!
Sharing your registry with friends and family is easy! You can download a registry card to include with your invitations, or share your custom registry URL and send it via email or post on your favorite social media sites. However you decide to share your village will be ready to shower you with love and support!
Be Her Village is more than just gifts. We believe that mothers need to shed their invisibility cloak and step into the spotlight. So we’ve created an innovative private-nonprofit partnership with Maternal Spotlight, a maternal health research and fundraising organization, to do just that. Learn more about this initiative here.
Be Her Village was founded by Kaitlin McGreyes, a doula and mother of three who is passionate about making motherhood better for everyone. Read her story here.
Still have questions? Send them to and get answers. We’re here to help!