Billed Anually

Billed Anually

Be a part of the baby shower revolution
Tools to spread the word on social media
Instant email alerts when added to a registry
Services Shown in our Registry Guide
BeHerVillage Business Dashboard
Quarterly "State of the Baby Shower" report
Discounts on Gift Registry Expert Certification course and other learning
Access to our monthly Mastermind Meetings
Downloads for your Welcome Packet
Parents can contact you directly through BeHerVillage
Access to Monthly Community Challenges
Your offerings shown to more families who shop on BeHerVillage
Official BeHerVillage Partner designation in our registry guide
Publish blog post on BeHerVillage that links back to your site (great for SEO)
Promote your business in our Newsletters to Registrants
Promote your business in our holiday gift guides
Publish your baby shower story on BeHerVillage (includes social media story promotion)

When someone gifts your service to a new mom everyone wins. The new mom gets the support they need, their loved ones get to buy the perfect gift, and you get clients who have the funds to pay for your support.

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