Everything Feels Better When We Sleep

With Jayne Havens of SnoozeFest

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: February 13, 2022
In this episode Kaitlin, Founder of Be Her Village talks with Jayne Havens, a sleep consultant and founder of Snooze Fest. Her mission is to meet parents where they are and help them meet their goals around sleep, no matter what they are.

She’s not the bed-sharing police.
She’s not the nursing-to-sleep police.
She wants to help parents get sleep, help babies learn to sleep, and help establish routines that work for the whole family.

Sleep training is not “Cry It Out”— it’s teaching a baby or toddler to fall asleep independently. 

If you’re okay with your situation around sleep— then that’s great! But if your sleep or mental health is lacking, it might be time to do something different, and Jayne is here to help!

Jayne encourages a slow, gently, responsive process that will take a lot of patience and TLC. Her approach is client led and done with a lot of encouragement, resources, and support.

Jayne not only supports parents with sleep, but also owns a business where she is training and mentoring sleep consultants with her program. Jayne is offering a discount for those who are interested in becoming a sleep consultant. Use this code at check-out: BEHERVILLAGE200 

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