Author: The Be Her Village Team

Sex and the Suburbs: What Sex Is (And What It's Not)
Meet the Village: Sowania Germain
NPR's How I Built This Fellow 2021
Birth Trauma: What It Is, How To Prevent It, and What To Do If You Have It
The Fatherhood Playbook: Wisdom From A Father of Five with Link Moser
What The Hell Is Hypnobirthing and Why?
Crunchy Parenting Is a Spectrum-- with Nicole Davies, The Crunchy Mama
Becoming a Mother and a Badass Through a Traumatic Birth
Hi, Body, Remember Me?
Our Focus Isn't On The Babies
Just Because It’s Common Doesn’t Mean It’s Normal
So You're Telling Me I'm a Doula?
How To Set Up Your Business Profile
How To Find Your Support
How To Connect Your Account
How To Create Your Registry
How To Customize Your Registry
How To Share Your Registry
Take It From a Mama That Found Her Village
We Need Community and Connection
Be Her Village on NPR
Babies, Birth, and Compound Interest How To Pay For Your Support Without Breaking The Bank
Doulas are Not Self Indulgent


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