Hi, Body, Remember Me?

Reconnecting Post Birth with Carolina Stone of Street Parking

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: August 10, 2021
It can be hard to recognize what you see in the mirror for weeks, months, and maybe even years after having a baby. 
And even if you end up looking pretty similar to what you looked like pre-baby, sometimes it's hard to get back in touch with your body. 
In this episode Kaitlin, founder of Be Her Village talks with Carolina Stone of Street Parking, which is an online fitness community. Carolina specifically leads the Pregnant and Postpartum division of their membership and coaching program. Kaitlin and Carolina talk about Carolina's role within the Street Parking coaching community, and how it shifted after having her own baby and realizing that she needed support to be able to feel okay transitioning from athlete to new mom, and figuring out how to correctly, safely, and realistically move her body again. She helped develop programming within the Street Parking umbrella to help moms get their bodies and minds ready for birth, as well as offer space to help in the recovery.

For more on Street Parking, head to their website, and click here to learn more about the Pregnant/Postpartum Program

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