Our Focus Isn't On The Babies

With Dr. Shilpa Londhe and Dr. Jess Holzer of Maternal Spotlight

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: August 15, 2021
We all know mamas need support, but Maternal Spotlight is doing the research and providing the tools for maternal organizations. In this episode Kaitlin talks to Dr. Shilpa Londhe and Dr. Jess Holzer, they are the founders of Maternal Spotlight, a non profit organization that is dedicated to providing micro-grants to organizations in the maternal sphere. They are researchers who are bridging the gaps, acknowledging that the maternal experience is sometimes someone being in pain, someone who is far too stressed, someone who has experienced loss after loss-- that there are worthwhile points to research AND support in between "happy mama" and mortality.

Maternal Spotlight is currently campaigning for motherhood stories and for donations for the next micro-grants to be awarded. These motherhood stories can be anything from fertility, pregnancy, loss, adoption, birth, maternal experiences in the healthcare system, caring for elderly family members, etc. You can learn more and share by clicking here!

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