People Over Policies: How Our Hospital System Needs to Change

With Maggie Runyon of Your Birth Partners

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: April 02, 2022
We should be focused on the patient, where relationships are built and trust is formed between the person giving birth as well as the care providers. Maggie Runyon, Labor and Delivery nurse, birth advocate, and founder of Your Birth Partners (a nonprofit that aims to cultivate inclusive, collaborative birth care communities rooted in autonomy, respect, & equity) talks with Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village to answer the question: “If you could create change within the hospital system as is: how would you change it?”

They talk about the disparities in the maternal healthcare system, how much of the systems that are in place were created to establish and maintain socioeconomic and racial separation, and what birth workers can do now to help from right where they are.

Hospitals should provide care, rather than subject [birthing people] to a million hospital policies.

Maggie wants to see the system  work to be more trauma informed and collaborative, where the people giving birth are put first before hospital policies.

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