The Fatherhood Playbook: Wisdom From A Father of Five with Link Moser

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: June 21, 2021
In this Father's Day episode of the Be Her Village Podcast, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village talks to Link Moser, Owner of Windhill Design and proud dad of five! They talk about how even after having multiple children, you still don't know quite what to expect or how your world will shift when you bring home a new baby.  Link acknowledges that there can be some emotional challenges as for dads while they navigating bonding with baby, caring for other children, as well as maintaining a healthy partnership with their partner. Link offers much wisdom to parents, and specifically to dads. 

Some of Link's pieces of advice are:

  • Acknowledge that parenthood and new-babyhood bring an array of feelings-- and that's normal!
  • Make an investment in your partnership
  • Maintain an outlet to talk about parenthood 
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