The Best Advice for Doulas: Collaboration Not Competition

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: March 06, 2022
Being a doula is heart led, it’s working with families, it’s caring for people, but not all doulas are equipped with the tools and experience to start a business. In this episode, Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder of Be Her Village interviews Darcy Sauers, better known as  Doula Darcy.
Darcy is a postpartum doula and marketing expert who helps doulas start and maintain successful businesses.

Kaitlin and Darcy are both in the business of helping women get the support they deserve. Darcy wants doulas to charge their worth and market themselves effectively to be able to help more moms, and Kaitlin wants to make it easy for the moms to afford their support teams.

Their message for doulas and all birthworkers is to remember that collaboration is more effective than competition.

Darcy has tools for anyone who is looking to learn about marketing their doula business— from a free facebook group, to a paid 1:1 coaching package. You can learn more about her and all of her offerings here!

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