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What Moms Are Saying About Be Her Village

Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: November 09, 2021

As much as we'd love to send you video proof of new moms getting restful sleep, a massage, or eating a home cooked meal, written testimonials from moms who used BeHerVillage.com and got support are just as good! 

BeHerVillage enabled me to get access to care I desperately needed but would have felt awkward asking for in any other way! Having 4 kids, I can say with confidence that this is the gift parents really need!

 -- A Funded Mama

I don't have a lot of family near by, most of my friends are child free, and then the pandemic... It all makes it hard to have that "village" of support to have a baby. Getting quality care is extremely expensive in the US, I can't rely on insurance. Be Her Village helps my people understand how their money will support a healthier experience for me and baby.

-- Happy Be Her Village Registrant

This is the registry all moms need, but we’re all missing. After having my second daughter and experiencing PPD from the isolation of COVID and being a mom of a fussy baby girl- I knew things had to change for my third baby. I think it was a bold and brave the decision, but literally now fo the best ones I’ve made this time around and I wish I knew to do this with my 1st and 2nd babies.

-- Experienced Mom 

You can be a funded mama too. Log into your registry, connect your account and share your registry to watch the love (and the dollars) flow your way. 

BeHerVillage is helping parents like you get the funds they need for the support they deserve! Are you having a baby and are looking for support? Create a registry for support today and get gifted funds directly into your bank account to pay for your support team. You deserve this.

Are you a birthworker who supports new moms? Use BeHerVillage to help your clients pay for your support. Create your free profile here and you can be the best baby shower gift a mom will ever get!
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