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Written by: The Be Her Village Team
Posted: December 13, 2022

Our Gift Registry Expert Certification Course is right around the corner! We had a very informative Q+A session this week. Here are some of the questions that came up!


Q: When are the Gift Registry Expert Sessions Held? 

A: The course runs 8 weeks every Tuesday from 6-8pm ET beginning January 24th.

Q: Are the sessions recorded?

A: Yes! All sessions will be recorded, so if you are not able to attend the live calls, you are still able to participate and learn at your own pace, within your own schedule.

Q: Is a Gift Registry consultant something there's a market for?

A: Yes! Just like your clients trust you to navigate their pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, they trust you to help them navigate the retail industry. Lexi comments about how she started doing this for friends, but it quickly became a part of her business because people were asking for it. She has built it into her business as an add-on service for her current clients, and some people purchase it ala carte.

Q: In the time you meet with a client, are you gathering goals and preferences then putting a registry together for them, or are you making a registry together?

A: Lexi spends about 1.5 hours with the clients talking about their goals and helps guide them through the different registry categories. Her clients then take that information and build their registries on their own time. She does offer building the registry for her clients, at an additional charge.


Q: Will there be product recommendations and specific product info?

A: Yes! Though we never give a blanket recommendation for or against any product, we will discuss how certain products can help individuals reach their goals.

Q: Can you talk about updates throughout the year as products emerge/change?

A: As a Certified Gift Registry Expert, you will receive a monthly newsletter with updates like new products, recalls, and more. More importantly though, the course is designed to give you the tools and resources to have these answers at your fingertips and know exactly where to get the answers to the questions your clients have.

Q: Will this course be offered again in the future?

A: Short answer, yes. But not for some time. We want to ensure that the participants get our full attention. This course will not be offered again until after our January cohort is fully certified.

Q: Do course members get access to course info forever?

A:  Your certification is forever and we will be offering ongoing education. As a part of the course, you get access to ongoing education for one year and discounts on renewal. 

Q: Will my Gift Registry Expert services be listed in BeHerVillage? 

A: Yes! All Certified Gift Registry Experts will have the opportunity to list this service through BeHerVillage. More details to come!
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This course will be able to pay for itself and more with the skills and new services you'll be able to offer your clients. 
Hope to see you in class!

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