How You Can Best Prepare for Breastfeeding

with Kate Miller of Mighty Milk

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: April 17, 2022
In the latest episode of the Be Her Village Podcast, Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village is interviewing Kate Miller of Mighty Milk— an online space for breastfeeding education classes. This episode felt very near and dear to me because I had a lot of my own struggles in breast feeding, I like to say it was the most unnatural-natural thing I’ve ever done. I was lucky to have found an amazing Lactation Consultant and a great group of new mom friends who gave me a lot of support to continue to try even when it was hard. You can read about my experience here!
I would have LOVED to hear this episode while I was pregnant because they talk about some of hard truths about breastfeeding, and how although it can be hard, the rough parts can be overcome with the right support and education.

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