Introducing: "Sex and the Suburbs"

Sex Can Still Be Good After Baby

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: November 07, 2020
I’m excited to share that The Be Her Village Podcast has teamed up with Heather Simonson, LCSW, RYT  to bring you the “Sex and the Suburbs Podcast”. Heather is the founder of Sea Change Holistic Wellness Center on Long Island and specializes in helping couples and individuals with their sex lives. Not just the physical act of sex, but the depth of the energy surrounding it. She was voted Best Sex Therapist on Long Island, and is a Certified Sexuality Educator and Sex Therapist. In this podcast Kaitlin and Heather talk candidly about all things sex, and how that looks, feels, and changes after you have kids. 

Spoiler alert: IT ALL CHANGES AFTER KIDS-- but it doesn’t necessarily have to change for the worse, and in fact it can change for the better!

This episode just scratches the surface of the content to be explored. I personally loved this first episode because it’s the perfect balance of real life, informative, and sexy. They cover how scheduling sex can be a form of foreplay, why daytime sex might be better than sex after bedtime, and that making time for each other (or yourself) is a crucial part of long lasting connection that keeps the flame alive. Subscribe and share this sexy and fun podcast with all your postpartum friends and tag us when you listen!

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