How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: September 17, 2020

There are many reasons why you might want to host a virtual baby shower instead of an in-person one.

Maybe it's pandemic times, or maybe you have friends and family all over the place and getting everyone in the same room feels impossible, or maybe you just don't want to go through the trouble of organizing an event while you're pregnant (I don't blame you).. Hosting a virtual shower might be the best way to get people somewhat together to celebrate, while also not having to rent out a catering hall.

However, managing a Zoom call with extended family and friends from college, especially when everyone on the call is thrilled for you and your growing belly can be a little overwhelming. 

Your best bet for a stress free virtual baby shower is to keep things moving and to have a plan. 
  • Encourage everybody to keep themselves muted as they log into the call, that way you aren’t overwhelmed by the conversations and questions. 
  • Email an itinerary before the call so people know what to expect. You might include different time slots for games, a time slot for spoken well- wishes to the mama and baby, and some time for mama to open a few of her gifts.
  • Keep your friends and family engaged and busy during your virtual baby shower with some fun games.


Text-in Trivia Games:

Ask your guests different questions and have them all text the answer to your partner. First correct guess wins!
Or you can make the trivia questions more personal and catered for the family-to-be.

Scavenger Hunt:

Break the guests up into teams and have them do a timed scavenger hunt within their own homes for an obscure list of things like “green rubber band” and “a quarter from 1999”. 

You can award the winners with virtual gift cards, or have special things that you send to them after the shower.

Remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

This new territory of navigating a virtual shower can be tricky. Some guests might have internet trouble, someone is bound to have their camera angled up their nose, and you might just get tired of managing all the conversations. It’s all okay. The truth is, most people just want to celebrate and show support in the joy of the growing family whether or not that's with a grand shower.

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