Making Perinatal Care Accessible and Affordable

With Be Her Village and Perinatal Safe Spots

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: May 11, 2022
We have some exciting news! Be Her Village and Perinatal Safe Spots have partnered to ensure mothers everywhere are getting the support and care they deserve. Our goal is to help mothers everywhere feel safe, heard, supported, and dignified throughout their entire perinatal journey.

The thing is, we know doulas can be life changing. We know that when a mother is feeling supported and empowered, the outcomes are better for both her and her baby. We also know that better care is often reserved for those who can afford it, leaving a huge gap which has resulted in growing maternal mortality rates, specifically amongst women of color. 

Perinatal Safe Spots are officially sanctioned safe spots for childbearing families to receive support, education, and quality care in order to eliminate racial and class disparities in birth outcomes– meaning: when families use Perinatal Safe Spots, they are getting quality care, regardless of their race, orientation, or socioeconomic status. 

With Perinatal Safe Spots, families will receive the tools necessary to make informed choices, and part of that includes information on how to use the Be Her Village registry to get funds to pay for support services.This way they can have empowered pregnancies, births, and postpartum experiences.

For more information on Perinatal Safe Spots, click here.
To donate to this incredible initiative, click here.
If you’re getting ready for a new baby, register at Be Her Village to get the funds you need for the support you deserve.

BeHerVillage is helping parents like you get the funds they need for the support they deserve! Are you having a baby and are looking for support? Create a registry for support today and get gifted funds directly into your bank account to pay for your support team. You deserve this.

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