What We Can Learn From Twin Moms When It Comes To Postpartum Support

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: February 04, 2024

Preparing for the arrival of one new baby is a monumental task, but preparing for twins presents its own unique challenges. So, are the twin moms doing it better?

More than once I've seen expectant moms of multiples ask for advice on the "must-haves" as they get ready for their babies. It happens in Facebook groups or via Instagram stories and often the advice from the seasoned twin moms is a kind of dual answer. They list their favorite double stroller or compact carseat combo, but they also encourage the new moms to seek out support once their babies are born.

Because let's face it...bringing home one new baby requires so much energy and attention and care, but when you add in ANOTHER BABY? The amount planning needed and degree of difficulty increases drastically.

So, what are twin moms thinking about that singleton moms should be considering as well? While moms of just one baby probably won't need double bassinets or twice as many onesies, the care and support twin moms are preparing for is just as crucial for moms of one baby.

Overnight Care

With newborn twins there are double the diapers, double the feedings, double the burping. Even if you have a super present and reliable partner, the nights can get long and a bit daunting. Hiring overnight care such as a postpartum doula or a night nurse can help alleviate some stress and allow both parents to catch some much needed sleep. Moms who are having just one baby should consider overnight care as well, whether it's to help the baby eat, to help the family sleep better, or to just BE present and a supportive guide during those tough early weeks.

Household management

Having two or more babies means extra EVERYTHING. Having help to manage the day-to-day aspects of the home means there is more time for the parents to rest and settle in to new parenthood. This include meal preparation or delivery, laundry help, cleaning, managing the plants and pets. Even moms of one newborn deserve time to rest and just be with their baby. 

Help with older children

If the twins aren't the first born in a family, there will almost certainly be a little bit of extra neediness that comes from the older siblings. Even if the babies are welcomed with open arms, the older children will still need love, care and some sense of their own normalcy. This goes for singletons as well. Having help dedicated to the older children in a family can help create a smoother transition with the addition on any number of new siblings.

Physical recovery

Pregnancy and birth can be inspiring and profound while also being tiresome, depleating and sometimes painful. In some of the mom groups I've been part of, twin moms are quick to suggest bodywork to their fellow moms of multiples. With the stretching that takes place, the pressure on the pelvic floor, the depletion of nutrients, twin moms know the benefit of taking care of their physical wellbeing. This idea is important for moms of just one baby, too. Taking care of your own physical recovery whether it's with pelvic floor PT, massage therapy, or postnatal yoga can be essential to help you feel a bit more like yourself.

New Mom Groups

With multiples, there is a special sort of community moms are adopted into; learning tips and tricks for handling and thriving with twins each and every step of the way. While there are tons of books on how to do life with twins, there's nothing better than real life advice from another mom who can sit across the room from you and honestly say "I see you, I get it". New mom groups can be just as beneficial for moms of one newborn. Finding a space to talk through issues, questions and triumphs make the early weeks and months feel less lonely and more supported. 

Paying for this kind of support can be hard no matter how many newborns you're bringing home

It's not news to anyone that hiring support for anywhere in your life after having a baby or babies can be expensive. Support professionals tend to charge high rates, and honestly-- they're worth it. So, if you're getting ready for any number of newborns in your life, how can you afford this kind of in-home and physical support?

The BeHerVillage Registry is a gamechanger for new parents who are thinking about incorporating support into their postpartum plan

With the BeHerVillage Registry parents can shop for their support team, find providers in their area, and put the support of their choice onto their registry. Just like a Babylist or Amazon baby registry, expectant parents can share their registry link with their family and friends for contributions to get the gifts they're looking for. The registry is easy to make for new parents and it makes shopping for a postpartum doula or a pelvic floor PT as easy as shopping for a stroller or a matching set of infant swings.

No matter how many babies you're expecting, the BeHerVillage registry, (like the advice from twin moms) is for you.

Plan ahead for the arrival of your new baby or babies by setting yourself up with a support team to help you navigate the early days, weeks and months with your new addition(s). Create a BeHerVillage registry to find exactly the team you want, and get it paid for!

BeHerVillage is helping parents like you get the funds they need for the support they deserve! Are you having a baby and are looking for support? Create a registry for support today and get gifted funds directly into your bank account to pay for your support team. You deserve this.

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