7 Baby Items to Consider Getting Second-Hand

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: March 06, 2024

When you’re getting ready for your new baby, it’s no surprise that the cost of baby gear adds up. 

In fact, according to data published by Grandview Research, “The global baby products market size was estimated at USD 320.65 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow…”. Which means families are spending more and more money on baby gear like cribs, strollers, swings and more. But is it necessary to spend all that cash on baby gear? Is a hand-me-down crib or bassinet just as good?
I chatted with Lexi – Postpartum Care Specialist, Child Passenger Safety Technician, and overall expert on all things baby gear to get her insight as to what baby items are totally okay to receive second hand, which ones you should probably not get second hand, and what to look out for. 
Because I figure, if you were planning on asking for contributions to baby shower gifts, getting baby gear second hand leaves hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars left to allocate to support for pregnancy,  birth and postpartum.

Items you can get second hand: just make sure you’re asking the right questions 





Your tiny cutie is going to sleep in their bassinet way less than you think. While having a cute and comfy place for your new baby might seem like a place to drop some serious cash, a second hand bassinet will do the job. We promise, your baby will not remember or care if they slept in a bassinet you found off of Facebook Marketplace.


A few things to consider: 

  • Was the bassinet in a home with smoking or other significant lingering odors like artificial fragrances, or dampness-related smells?
  • Was the previous bassinet owner also a pet owner? 


There’s no reason not to get a crib from a friend or your extra friendly coworker. As long as the crib is up-to-date as far as safety standards, and is in good condition, you can easily save yourself a couple hundred dollars by getting this second hand. Like with the bassinet, check first to make sure you’re not getting a crib that smells of smoke or anything else you might find offensive.

Even if you’re getting the least expensive new bassinet and crib, you’re still looking at a price tag of about $150. If you get these two items second hand, you can instead use those funds to have a nesting party or hire an overnight doula!



Strollers are often gently used and can be found in great condition. Sure the fabric might have evidence of being pre-loved, but that adds character, right? Strollers can take up a bit of garage space, so most often people are really happy to get rid of their strollers to a parent-to-be. Before grabbing a second hand stroller, make sure it’s the style and size you need and that its major functions work properly. It’s also a good idea to check with the manufacturer to see if the stroller you’re acquiring has any recalls you should be aware of.


If the person you’re getting the stroller from didn’t save the stroller’s original instructions (and let’s be honest, they didn’t), see if they can show you the tricks to swiftly open and fold down the stroller.

With the extra money you save by not purchasing a stroller, you can use it for future family outings (in the stroller) or extra money toward groceries!



High Chair

A good, sturdy high chair is important for your baby at the 5, 6, or 7 month mark when they start experimenting with solids and purees. However, getting one brand new (and before your baby is even born) might not be the best idea. Other than making sure there haven't been any significant recalls on the model, there's really no reason to shy away from accepting a hand-me-down high chair.

Just so you know:

There have been updates to safety standards for high chairs. Make sure the chair you’re bringing into your home was manufactured after June 19, 2019.

Cloth Diapers

Some people get a little weirded out about using someone else’s old cloth diapers. But in reality, so long as the shells and inserts and any other part of the cloth diaper has been thoroughly cleaned and stripped, there’s no reason not to save money on cloth diapers! Make sure you check the elastics, snaps and any other important pieces to ensure the diapers will work properly.



Baby Carriers

A good baby carrier can be a game changer in the first year of having a new baby. How good is it to keep your baby close AND have both hands free? However, getting something that is sturdy and safe can cost over $75. Getting a pre-used baby carrier from a friend or family member is a great way to save some money. Getting carriers from folks who are getting rid of them is also a great way to test out a couple different types of carriers to see which you like best for your body and your baby.

Things to think about:

  • Like the crib and bassinet: make sure you’re aware of any smoking or other harsh odors present in the home of the previous owner
  • You can check with the manufacturer for recalls and helpful advice on how to use your old-new carrier
  • If you’re not exactly sure what to look for, or how to use the carrier you get– consider talking with a babywearing educator



Breast Pump

According to the FDA, breast pumps are considered medical devices, and every insurance company offers different types of pumps for moms who want one. However, just because a certain style of pump is covered by insurance doesn’t mean it’s right for you. But that also doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new pump.

If you’re worried about hygiene: 

So long as you purchase new tubing and sterilize the flanges, membranes & valves, there is almost no risk of any bacterial transfer.

THE most important thing to check

If you’re getting a second hand breast pump, it’s really important to ask about the motor life and its past use. Getting a pump from a mom who used it occasionally vs. getting a pump from someone who exclusively pumped are two totally different things. And if you’re planning on exclusively pumping or using it every now and then will also be a determining factor in the pump you end up choosing.
With the extra money you’ll save by not buying a brand new breast pump, you can spend it on a lactation consultant to help you with nursing, or treating yourself and your sore shoulders to a massage.

With all the baby items you CAN and should get pre-loved, the one thing you should almost never get second hand is a car seat

Per Lexi’s advice (and remember she is a CPST): she says that the only way you should consider getting a car seat second hand is if four things are true:
1. The car seat is not expired– you can find this information on the manufacturer’s sticker on the car seat/base
example of a car seat manufacturer's sticker to help identify expiration date
2. You’re getting the car seat from someone you know and trust
3. The car seat has not been in any car accidents (EVEN a fender bender when a child was not in the seat)
4. The car seat you’re thinking about getting second hand fits your car properly
If you’re in doubt about getting a carseat second-hand, consult with a CPST or reach out to the car seat’s manufacturer.

Less money spent on baby gear means more money for your support

I could go on and on about the things you can get second-hand besides the big stuff, like baby clothes, toys etc. Which means there are lots of opportunities to save money and redirect those funds to pay for your self-care and support team. Talk with your partner, consider your needs, your home and your preferences, and then decide which (if any) items you’ll try to find second-hand.


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