The Best Time To Share Your Baby Registry Link

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: March 30, 2024

TL/DR: When you share your baby registry link is totally up to you, but here are our suggestions

While there are social "norms" and other etiquette ( aka old-school rules made by someone's great-aunt that somehow we've all adopted) deciding when to share your baby registry link is totally based on your personal preferences. There is no right or wrong time to share your registry with your family and friends, and in my opinion, there is no such thing as "sharing too many times".

After talking to a few moms and noticing trends on the BeHerVillage registry, here are my thoughts on when you should* share your baby registry link

*and again, should is a term to use loosely. 

Share your registry when you announce your pregnancy


It has become almost standard that people don't announce their pregnancy until after 12 weeks. I won't get into it here why or why not 12 weeks is the time to announce a pregnancy. However, announcing your pregnancy is often a time that creates a bit of buzz. Whether you're sharing on social media, sending emails to your loved ones across the country, facetiming your bestie or surprising your sister with a "world's greatest auntie" t-shirt-- most pregnancy announcements come with excitement. And it's the perfect time to share your registry. While people are flying high with daydreams of becoming a grandma or a fun uncle, they're probably more likely to contribute to a gift that is meaningful to both you and your baby. Especially if you're using a BeHerVillage registry for support, it's the perfect time to start letting people know that you're prioritizing support and self-care for your pregnancy and postpartum. If you have an instagram account, you can add your link to your “bio” so anyone who visits your page can take a look at what’s on your registry.


Share your registry when you enter different trimesters

When I was pregnant, I had loved ones near and far asking for “bumpdates”-- aka photos of my growing baby bump. With my first pregnancy I sent photos more often but with my second, I shared photos of my belly at the different trimesters and the halfway mark. If you’re sharing photos of your baby bump via social media or text, at the trimesters or 20 week mark, it’s a great time to include your registry link. The BeHerVillage registry also includes a “My Story” section which is a great way to help your loved ones stay up to date on your pregnancy and your registry.


When you add anything new to your registry, share it!

Pregnancy is long. And it’s likely that as you progress, you’re going to need and want different things along the way. For instance, if you create your registry when you’re 11 weeks pregnant and feeling fine, you might not include a prenatal massage on your BeHerVillage registry– but when week 32 comes around you might be sore and achy and you decide to put a prenatal massage onto your registry. Why not share your link with family and friends again to update everyone about how you’re feeling and what you’re needing. Sometimes people don’t contribute to gifts until they find something they feel compelled to spend money on, and if you’re making updates to your registry, you might be providing more opportunities for folks to fund your self-care registry. If you use social media, you can easily share updates on your feed or in your stories so people in your network stay up to date.

Share your registry link whenever someone asks how they can help

As your pregnancy progresses, your family and friends are going to keep asking you how you’re feeling, how you’re doing and whether or not they can do anything for you or help you in any way. I encourage you to answer honestly, and use their offer as an opportunity to share your registry– especially if there are things that you think would bring you some relief or increase your well-being like chiropractic care, childbirth ed classes or a house cleaner. Because of the way the BeHerVillage registry is set up, all of the funds that your loved ones contribute end up directly into your bank account, so you can change your mind or shift your priorities if needed.

Include your link in your baby shower invites

It’s pretty standard practice to send out the link to your baby registry with your baby shower invites. Whether you’re sending cute evites, paper invitations, or just letting people know via text message, it’s a great time to share your registry link. Especially if you’re using a BeHerVillage registry, sending your registry link will remind folks once again that your family is prioritizing support and self-care over baby items (although we can’t promise that people won’t show up with baskets full of onesies, sorry). Since people are coming together to collectively celebrate you and your new baby, this is also a great way to encourage people to contribute to a “big ticket” item- like a doula.

Remind people of your registry in the final weeks of your pregnancy

As you get closer to the end of pregnancy, you’re going to want to make sure your essentials and support are ready to go so you can relax and enjoy your final weeks as best as you can. Sharing your registry during this time can be a great way to ensure you have everything you need to finish out your pregnancy and head into postpartum as prepared as possible.

When you announce the arrival of your new baby, share your registry info too

When your long awaited bundle of joy arrives, your loved ones are going to be excited and likely feel extra generous. Folks are going to want to celebrate you and your baby from near and far. Sending your registry link with your first baby photos and birth announcement will allow people to send love and encouragement in the form of funds for your postpartum support. The BeHerVillage registry makes it easy for your loved ones to contribute to your postpartum wishlist no matter how far away they are.


We love seeing expectant moms get as much support as possible, so we always encourage moms to share their registries whenever they can or want to

Keeping in touch with people and reminding them of your registry link is a great way to keep your registry top of mind– after all, the old marketing rule states that people need to see something 7 times before they take action. Sharing your registry with your loved ones in multiple ways will give you a better chance of getting your gift wishes met, and your dream team of pregnancy and postpartum support fully funded.
And remember: this is your baby and your registry– you’re the one who has the final say.



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