Where To Find Prenatal Yoga On The East End Of Long Island

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: March 25, 2024
I’ve not been a Long Islander my whole life like many Long Island folks I know. But for the 13 years I’ve been here, I’ve spent the majority of it on the East End. As an avid gym-goer and overall movement enthusiast, I tend to take note of the different gyms, fitness facilities and yoga studios that pop up in my area. I didn’t participate in any focused prenatal yoga classes in either of my pregnancies, but I know prenatal yoga is a wonderful thing for so many expectant moms. So I got curious– were any of the yoga studios I passed weekly on my drives offering prenatal yoga? And surprisingly, on the East End of Long Island, prenatal yoga was much harder for me to find than I thought it would be.


So, what is the point of prenatal yoga anyway? Can’t a mom-to-be just continue on with her regular yoga classes?


While we would never tell a mom to stop or start doing anything during pregnancy, there are some benefits to a pregnancy-specific yoga instruction. I asked Lauren, owner of Salt Of The Earth Yoga (Brookhaven Hamlet), to break it down for me: 


“Prenatal yoga is tailored specifically for pregnant women, focusing on poses and practices that are safe and beneficial during pregnancy. It addresses the unique physical and emotional needs of expectant mothers, such as easing discomfort, preparing for labor and delivery, and promoting relaxation and bonding with baby. Regular yoga classes may not always cater to these specific needs or may include poses that are not recommended or contraindicated during pregnancy.”


That seems like a convincing reason to join a pregnancy-specific yoga class.

While there are probably plenty of yoga classes around that are gentle enough for a pregnant mom, I wanted to see what was available in eastern Suffolk County. 


And more specifically, I wanted to know which of them were listing their prenatal yoga services on the BeHerVillage registry guide. Because if moms are not finding classes via a quick Google search, I want them to be able to find providers within our registry.


the nesting place east end long island prenatal yoga on behervillage


The Nesting Place- Yaphank


The Nesting place is a great spot to find not only prenatal yoga, but baby & me yoga as well as toddler & me yoga. This sort of place that is dedicated to the entire perinatal journey is really beneficial for moms of all stages. With a prenatal yoga class at The Nesting Place, a pregnant mom is bound to connect with other moms at similar stages of pregnancy. So not only will she be able to move her body, she’ll be building friendships that will likely last longer than the yoga class or the shavasana pose. For Long Island moms, The Nesting Place has three locations: Merrick, Farmingdale and Yaphank (so really only one of them is in eastern Suffolk County). If you’re a mom who is looking for a place (or places) to go that has regular prenatal yoga classes where you can connect with other moms- The Nesting Place is for you! And you can put them right onto your BeHerVillage registry!


salt of the earth yoga east end long island prenatal yoga on behervillage


Salt Of the Earth Yoga- Brookhaven


Another East End yoga studio offering the occasional prenatal class is at Salt Of The Earth Yoga. The owner, Lauren is extremely passionate about making yoga accessible for people no matter what stage of life they’re in. And while there isn’t currently a prenatal class being offered, Lauren is certified in prenatal yoga so she would be able to correctly modify any of her classes to fit the needs of any stage of pregnancy. Lauren’s schedule also offers enough flexibility that she offers private classes which is a great option if you’re wanting something more tailored to your needs. I’ve personally taken a yoga class or two at Lauren’s studio and I can attest that it is clean, cozy and the membership is kind and welcoming. If you’re looking for a more regular yoga routine with modifications, Salt Of The Earth Yoga is a great place to start. You can put Lauren and her prenatal yoga services onto your BeHerVillage registry.


Vana Yoga east end long island prenatal yoga on behervillage


Vana Yoga- Eastport


You can find Vana Yoga in Eastport on Montauk Highway. The studio itself has a welcoming vibe with lots of plants and is surrounded by cute Eastport shops. Similar to Salt Of The Earth Yoga, Vana Yoga doesn’t currently offer a regular prenatal class, but does have instructors who are prenatal yoga certified. When I chatted with them, they let me know that they can offer modifications, as well as host 1:1 private yoga classes to ensure your questions are answered and you’re getting the most out of your yoga practice. They’re also willing to offer a prenatal yoga class if folks in the community are looking! If you’re a pregnant mom on the East End of Long Island, and you want to take some prenatal yoga classes near the bay– you can put Vana Yoga onto your registry!


beach baby doula prenatal yoga on behervillage


Beach Baby Doula- The Hamptons

Becky Mignone is the lovely lady behind Beach Baby Doula. She is not only a yoga instructor, but offers a wide range of support for pregnant and new moms including doula support, lactation, infant massage and more. She is in the process of finding a home base studio to offer regular prenatal yoga classes, but in the meanwhile, offers 1:1 prenatal instruction. Besides Becky’s training, she is a mom with her own unique motherhood experience which helps her connect with her clients in a meaningful way. If you’re a pregnant mom in the Hamptons, you can find Becky and her yoga services on the BeHerVillage registry.


Even though prenatal yoga classes are trickier to find on the East End of Long Island, moms-to-be have some really great options


Whether you’re looking for an in-person prenatal class to connect with other pregnant moms, or a private class to connect with yourself and your growing baby– your perfect prenatal yoga experience is easier than ever to find. And if you use the BeHerVillage registry, you can ask for your yoga classes to be paid for as your baby shower gift.


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