Why Moms Need Support Not Stuff

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: December 08, 2020
Let’s be honest, your baby needs only a few things: food, a decent car seat, something to keep warm, diapers-- which could even be debatable, and a flat place to sleep. 
But really, what that baby needs is a mama who is well cared for. 
The baby needs a mama who has slept, a mama who has eaten an entire meal with two hands that she didn’t have to cook herself, a mama who is being reassured that she’s doing a good job even when (ESPECIALLY WHEN)  she feels like she’s failing. 
There is such an emphasis on what the baby needs, the diaper brand, the assortment of onesies that they’re only going to end up pooping all over or growing out of, the toys, the crib, the accessories, the stuff. 
We want to shift the focus from the babies to the mamas, because we know that making life better for the mamas makes life better for the babies. When mamas are supported with services like doulas, lactation consultants, massages, mama’s groups, and anything else she wants or needs, she is set up to enter motherhood feeling capable, equipped, and loved. 

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