What To Think About If You’re Considering Professional Newborn Photos

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Posted: May 21, 2024
Newborn photography is a specialized genre of photography that focuses on capturing the earliest moments of a baby's life. These sessions are designed to document the tiny features, delicate expressions, and the pure innocence of a newborn, while also capturing the sweet new connection between parents (or any other family members) and the new baby. Whether you’re bringing home your first baby or adding another to your crew, newborn photography is a fun addition to your BeHerVillage registry to ensure these first moments become cherished keepsakes.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer vs. Using Your Phone

Even though we all have a pretty high-tech camera within arms reach at all times, and it’s easy to snap a photo anytime we want to, there are some really great reasons to invest in a trained professional to capture the photos of your newborn.


#1. Expertise and Experience

Newborn photographers specialize in working with newborns. They know how to safely pose babies, keep them comfortable, and capture the perfect shot. Their experience ensures that you get high-quality, artistic photos that you might not be able to achieve with a phone. And really, while you’re healing and probably getting less sleep than you should, hiring a professional means one less thing to think about.


#2. High-Quality Equipment

While smartphones have incredible camera capabilities, a professional photographer uses advanced cameras, lenses and lighting equipment which will produce superior image quality compared to a smartphone. The result is sharp, well-lit, and beautifully composed photos that really capture the essence and sweetness of your newborn.


#3. Creative Vision

A professional photographer brings a creative eye to your session. While you’re still recovering and learning your newborn, trying to think creatively might be beyond your capacity, and that’s okay. Your newborn photographer can suggest poses, offer outfit suggestions, use props, and choose backgrounds that enhance the overall look of the photos. The creativity and vision behind the scenes gives the photos an artistic touch that go beyond the everyday snapshot you might get with your phone. They can work with your style and aesthetic to bring you beautiful images of your new baby.


#4. Editing and Retouching

After a session your photographers edit and retouch images to ensure they are perfect. The lighting and composition will look great, details will be enhanced (hello little crinkles on the bottoms of baby feet), and every photo you get back will be worthy of a frame.


#5. Stress-Free Experience

Taking photos of a newborn can be challenging. For a brand new mom it can also be somewhat stressful and energy consuming to plan for and execute on taking baby photos on your own. Hiring a professional photographer means you can relax and let someone else lead the way and handle all of the details so you can just show up ready to have your newborn photographed.


Studio Photography vs. In-Home Sessions

When it comes to newborn photography, parents have two main options: a studio session or an in-home session. There are advantages to each, and no matter which you choose you’ll end up with lovely photographs. Before you search for a photographer in your area, make sure you’re clear on the style of photography session you’re most comfortable with.

Studio Photography:

  • Controlled Environment: studios are designed with the perfect lighting, temperature, and props available to ensure the best possible photos. This may be an ideal scenario if you don’t feel comfortable bringing someone into your home, if your home doesn’t have great lighting or space, or if you have pets or other folks living with you that you’d rather not work around.
  • Professional Equipment: studios, like in-person shoots, have access to high-end cameras, lenses and other equipment to capture the perfect photo. Because you’re in the studio, it may be easier for the photographer to utilize a number of different pieces of equipment because they’re not carrying everything around at once.
  • Variety of Props and Backdrops: most studios have a wide range of props, backdrops and outfits that can be used to create diverse and creative images. It can be a relief to just show up to a studio and not have to think about anything other than arriving.


In-Home Sessions:

  • Comfort and Convenience: having your newborn photo session at home means you and your baby are already in a familiar and comfortable environment. All you need to do is put on pants. 
  • Personal Touch: when you take photos at home, the images can include meaningful surroundings such as their nursery, your backyard or other special parts of your home. These add a uniqueness to your photos that you won’t get at a studio.
  • Flexibility: getting out of the house with a newborn can be really tricky. When you have a photographer coming to you, you don’t have to worry too much about naps or feeding because you can just do everything as you normally would, right in your own home.


Scheduling Your Newborn Photography Session

Typically newborn photos take place within the first two weeks of the baby’s life. This is because they tend to be more sleepy, and as long as they’ve got a full belly and are warm enough, they’re pretty chill when they’re being gently posed and placed next to props. This timing also allows photographers to capture those iconic curled up poses, sleepy expressions, and the fleeting teeny newborn features that are so adorable.
If you’re pregnant and you’re just starting to think about life with your baby, add in newborn photography as something to look into before  your baby arrives. Good photographers book up quickly and you want to have your session reserved before your baby gets too big. With the BeHerVillage registry, you can shop for and chat with the newborn photographers in your area to see who is available.

Why Book Before Your Baby Arrives?



Booking early will make it more likely that you’ll be able to work with the photographer that you want.


If you choose a newborn photographer before you give birth, you’ll have more time to consider the vision and preferences that you want to have with your baby. This will also allow more time for discussion and creative collaboration with your photographer.


Peace of Mind

Booking your photographer early means one less thing you need to schedule or think about after your baby arrives. 



If you used a photographer you loved for previous photoshoots, you might need to book early to ensure your photographer is available for you when your baby arrives.


Newborn Photography Is More Than Just Taking Pictures

It's about creating lasting memories of one of the most precious times in life. Whether you choose a studio or an in-home session, planning ahead and choosing the right photographer will help you capture those irreplaceable moments beautifully and professionally.
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