Listen: Are Baby Registries Preying on New Moms?

How Doulas Can Navigate the World of Baby Registries

Written by: Kaitlin McGreyes, Founder, Be Her Village, Inc.
Posted: October 24, 2023

I recently sat down with Kyleigh Banks, doula, business coach and host of The Birth Worker Podcast to talk about doulas, baby registries, and how parents need our help to figure out which products will help them meet their parenting goals.

Here's what we covered:

1. How much money is REALLY being spent on baby gifts (and how it's being spent on the wrong things)

2. How hard is it for parents to find unbiased information about baby products--and it's not for lack of effort

3. How birth workers (like you) are trusted by parents to help them figure out which products they need and which to avoid

4. How you can kickstart your professional learning and become an expert on baby registries (and help all the mamas!!)

Have you ever felt concerned about the failings of our maternal healthcare system?

Just wait until you hear about what parents face before they ever step foot in a hospital. In this episode we talk about the multi-billion dollar baby gift industry and how the empty claims they make and the products they sell set parents-to-be up for failure. 

Moms who are unable to pay for out-of-pocket doulas and other expenses are getting an influx of thousands of dollars of products into their lives–much of it at their baby shower. 

If you aren't already talking to moms about their gift registries, take a listen and learn about why it's not only a good idea to start, but it's part of our job as advocates for moms.

Moms spend a LOT of time thinking about their gift registries (more than 40 hours on average). But is the research they are doing actually getting them good information? Or are they scrolling endlessly between paid ads, sponsored blog posts, and social media "influencers" who are selling them products they might not even need? Listen to the episode (you might be surprised by the answer!)

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