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Postpartum Care: A Personal Journey and Revolution
RN Doula: Being the Best Of Both Worlds!
5 Reasons Why You Should Take an Independent Birth Class
Meet Your Fairy Godmother a.k.a A Postpartum Doula
The Fourth Trimester Revolution: Supporting New Moms During Their Transition to Parenthood
Are Kegels The Best Thing For Your Pelvic Floor?
We Don't Use The Word Expert Lightly
Gift Registry Expert Certification Q + A
How to Meet Your Core Postpartum Needs With an App
How to Get your First Doula Clients
Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Postpartum Doula
How To Find Your Custom Profile Link
How To Tell Your Clients About BeHerVillage
Making Perinatal Care Accessible and Affordable
How You Can Best Prepare for Breastfeeding
Why Have a Virtual Doula?
Wonders of My Belly
Three Common Myths About Growing and Raising Babies
Acupuncture for All Trimesters
Journeying Into Motherhood with Mental Health
Navigating Your Partnership AfterHaving a Baby
Naturopathic Medicine for Mamas
Mind in Motion Coaching
Myofascial Release and Relief
Oh the Things You Will Learn
Massages Make Great Baby Shower Gifts
How Can Acupressure Assist In Labor and Delivery
What Is a Postpartum Doula?
Mother Blessing Ceremonies for The Birth Journey
Why It Feels Good to Hug Our Babies and Get Massages
How You Can Find Peace As A New Mama
Prenatal Yoga- More Than Flexible Hips
Imperfection Is Still Beautiful- You Are Doing Great
Dear Mama, It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint


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