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Nourishing Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum Doulas


Due to limited space, a full description of services is NOT possible.
Please visit website for a comprehensive description of postpartum doula services.

Pricing Description

$55-65/hr for single
$65-75/hr for twins

VISIT WEBSITE for full description of possible schedules.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage and Spa


Sessions are done in the side-lying position with the use of pillows designed specifically for the comfort of a pregnant body. Unscented hypoallergenic lotion is available for clients who have skin allergies and/or are sensitive to smells. A lightly scented blend of coco butter, shea butter & mango butter cream for a more therapeutic spa like experience is available as well.

Pricing Description

Office rates:

In-home rates:

Natural Pain Management: A Labor Massage Techniques Workshop for Couples

Newborn Care Classes


Topics covered:
Benefits of labor massage
Massage safety
Non-invasive pain management techniques
Labor positions & how they benefit baby's decent & mother's comfort
Massage techniques to use in specific positions
What positions open the inlet of the pelvis, mid pelvis, and pelvic outlet to optimize the decent of baby & mothers comfort
Learn affirmations & visualizations to use in labor & more!
*Visit website for detailed class description

Pricing Description

Rate for in-home workshop:
$300/90min - 120min

Birth Doula Bundle

Birth Doulas


Includes standard birth doula care
PLUS a Labor Massage Workshop for couples
PLUS two in-office pregnancy massages

Due to limited space, a full description of birth doula services is NOT possible.
Please visit website for comprehensive description.

Pricing Description

Value = $4,400
Cost = $2,900 (save $1,450/35% discount)

NO holiday rate because birth is spontaneous. Holiday babies are always welcome!

Schedule a massage before purchasing a bundle & VISIT WEBSITE

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