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Supporting people through and around the birth experience is one of my greatest passions. With nearly 3 decades of experience as an acupuncturist and massage therapist, I offer a wide range of services and classes geared toward supporting expectant families with comforting touch education and other forms of birth preparation and postpartum support. In addition to teaching partner support classes and doula workshops, I offer pre and postnatal bodywork, acupuncture, closing of the bones, and more.


Q: What's your top piece of advice for an expectant mom?

A: My best advice for any parent-to-be is to invest in preparation for this deeply transformational life experience. For birth and postpartum. Don't think you can just wing it. Take the birth class. Hire the doula(s). You will not regret having the education and support.

Q: Are there any specialities in who you serve? (e.g. home birth, VBAC, etc.)

A: I'm a great fit for partners who want to be very hands-on and people who love massage. My specialty is Comforting Touch and my favorite thing to offer are prenatal birth classes for expectant couples, teaching partners how to offer the best possible support and caring touch, during pregnancy and when the birthing day comes!

Comforting Touch for Birth - On-demand partner support class

Childbirth Education


For the couple who loves massage.
For the partner who wants to feel confident being a hands-on support during the birth of their child.

Comforting Touch for Birth is a birth preparation class devoted to partner support. Learn how to touch your partner before, during, and after labor, to feel more connected as a couple and create a grounded, loving, and supported experience for the birthing person.

Pricing Description

The fee for this 90-minute on-demand birth preparation class is $50. An in-person version is available in NYC for $95. Details and registration at www.prenatalyogacenter.com/comfortingtouchforbirth.

Comforting Touch for Babies - On-demand Infant Massage Class

Postpartum Body Work


Congratulations! You have a baby! Now, besides all those feedings and diaper changes – what do you do with them? For them? Comforting Touch For Babies or Infant Massage is a low-key way to increase your bond and attachment, and soothe common discomforts, such as gas and colic. This 1-hour, on-demand class will give you the tools and confidence you need to practice and reap the positive benefits of nurturing touch and baby massage.

Pricing Description

The fee for this on-demand class is $50, with lifetime access. Details and registration at www.yiskaobadia.com/comforting-touch-for-babies.

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