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Faith Not Fear Birth Coaching

Childbirth Education


Fear is very powerful. But what if you discovered you are more powerful?

Fear stalls labor. But what if you discovered faith to support labor?

I was terrified of birth

It wasn’t until I became pregnant & did all the work-that I figured out how to identify each fear, work through it & overcome it

To then-be excited, full of faith, to birth

I couldn’t wait until it was my turn to birth.

Go from fearful to faithful with my support

Pricing Description

This is a 12 day coaching session

Over 6 months

2 sessions a month

1 hour each

Where we dig, identify, get detailed, go through it, discover, come out the other side

Leaving the fear & walking in faith

This will rid you of your fear

This is the birth prep no one talks about

This is the birth prep that will give you the most support.

This transformative experience is an investment of $997

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