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Pelvic Physical Therapy


Dr. Judith Meer supports womxn after their deliveries, providing detailed guidance for everything from back pain, scar mobilization, the return to exercise & sex, resolving symptoms of diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, & much more. An initial evaluation and even just 1-2 follow-up visits in-person or virtually gives new mothers the hope, support & care they need to heal properly after delivery so they are set up for success postpartum!

Pricing Description

Initial Consultation: $325 for 65-75 minutes of one-on-one evaluation and treatment with an expert pelvic health therapist that formulates your personalized postpartum healing plan, with exercises and written followup provided afterwards

Follow-up Visits: $225 for 45-55 minutes of one-on-one treatment, with exercises and written followup provided after each visit

**A modified version of these services can also be provided virtually**

An initial consultation one-on-one with Dr. Judith Meer involves a thorough review of your history and symptoms. We'll do a whole-body assessment (nothing operates in isolation!) and a gentle pelvic floor muscle examination. You'll leave a stronger understanding of your body, your condition(s) and your plan of action, with the exercises and support you need! This is a great opportunity for a postpartum check-up to make sure you're healing well.


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