The Motherhood Survival Manual

Motherhood Survival Manual Masterclass - Jill Zechowy, M.D.


Teaches you proven skills to reduce your risk of developing Postpartum Depression & Anxiety and enjoy Motherhood the Most!
- 7 Modules & 34 Self-Paced Videos (5.5 hrs) in bite-sized chunks
- Learn What Really Causes PPD & Proven Prevention Tools
- Over 20 Techniques for More Sleep
- Successful Breastfeeding Strategies
- Reduce Colic & Crying
- Baby Bonding Exercises
- Safe Natural & Nutritional Mood Boosting Methods

Pricing Description

$249 for complete access to the Motherhood Survival Manual Masterclass
Proven skills to reduce your risk of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
Dr. Jill is a physician, perinatal psychotherapist, & PMAD Survivor.



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