The Atlanta Postpartum Doula

Labor Prep & Energy Healing Session


Using Expansion Principle Energy through out our gentle 60-min session, we heal, we laugh, we move the energy, and/or we prepare for your labor/birth/postpartum.

The Labor Prep & Energy Intensive includes:
-A 60 minute deep-dive into your pregnancy/labor/birth/postpartum goals, and/or healing the trauma you desire.
-A card pull so you can see what shifts will support and activate YOU in your year so your goals will be met.
Plus more!

Pricing Description

60-min Healing session

In-home Postpartum Support


Support is customized to each family and may include:
Birth debriefing
Self care and recovery techniques
Building and establishing routines
Infant feeding and lactation support
Implementing routines in the home
Implementing routines for the family
Healthy Meal Prep ideas
Babywearing assistance
Physical activity with baby
Sibling care & adjustment
Practical infant care
Strategizing childcare options
Non-judgmental emotional support

Pricing Description

12 hours @ $600
20 hours @ $900

1-time In-home visits are $222 for a 4-hour shift.

Birth & Beyond: A Comprehensive Prenatal Class


In this class, we focus on the most important education you need to know so:
✔️ Feel well-prepared for any kind of labor & birth
✔️Recover with intention after labor & birth
✔️Know exactly how to care for your baby w/ Newborn Care 101
✔️ Learn Postpartum Doula-approved Soothing Techniques for better sleep
✔️ Develop skills to seamlessly adapt to the 4th Trimester as a family
✔️ Begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence

Pricing Description

4-hour Virtual Class for childbirth ed, postpartum prep, & Breastfeeding
Led by a Midwife, Postpartum Doula, & IBCLC!
Price: $497

Pregnancy + Postpartum Doula Package


Package #1: full service
$3,997 - PAY IN FULL
4 months of continuous support
1x/month 45 minute virtual calls {$1100 value}
4x in-person visits {$888 value}
Unlimited Voxer Access {$1776 value}
Birth & Beyond Class Access {$497 value}
Includes EP Transmissions {$997 value}
Yours for $3,997

Pricing Description

This is my highest level of support and guidance.

We use the in-person and virtual spaces to connect and offer you the most nourishing guidance + healing for your pregnancy through postpartum.

Using our in-person visits, Zoom calls, and Voxer, we comprehensively prepare you for the ideal experience you wish to have. Our visits, classes, calls, and discussions over a period of 4 months will hold you as you grow and expand into this new version of your journey.

Expansion Principle healing at the seed is included during our sessions when desired.

Here are some topics we can work through:
-birth & postpartum plans
-Labor pain relief
-Optimal pelvis positioning
-newborn questions
-relationship guidance
-feedback on various topics
-workout guidance
-breastfeeding and pumping support
-routine implementation
-holding space for difficult challenges that arise during postpartum
-discussing childcare options
-finding exact professional references/referrals

…..and much more.

I combine my wisdom & expertise to ground you deep within yourself.

Weaving my experiences:
-a D1 NCAA Gymnast & student-athlete
-9 years of Touring in shows as a Cirque du Soleil Acrobat
-NASM Personal Training & Cognitive Behavioral Change Certifications
-Bachelors in Kinesiology
-Certified Postpartum Doula Training
-Level 2 Expansion Principle Practitioner
-Mother of 3 and sacred keeper of the home

I bring you recovery techniques, empowered guidance, effective communication, a listening ear, energetic healing support, and high-level doula support.

I am the gentle, nourishing, SAFE guide as you enter into motherhood. I am here to nourish YOU, your family, and make sure you feel grounded, joyful, and more than supported….you feel LOVED beyond measure.


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