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Family Planning, Pregnancy, Labor and Birth and Postpartum Support

Birth Doulas


The Arch connects pregnant people, parents and families to individualized support options (ie. Doulas, Lactation support, etc), information and resources. Our services include in-person and virtual support for all of your pregnancy related needs. The Arch offers a unique blend of client-centered and concierge support to guide and prepare you for the journey to parenthood and beyond.

Our network of support spans 25 states and 6 countries.

Pricing Description

For a Basic Doula services package, prices start at $1800. Packages for postpartum support start at an average of $30/hr and up.

**we do offer a sliding scale for most services.

Many of the additional services offered are included in the package fee (ie. lactation support, childbirth education, newborn prep classes, etc), and can be offered a la carte' or packages can be created based on your specific needs at the time.

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