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Pelvic Floor & Core Restore


For women who are new to learning pelvic floor & core health, are experiencing unwanted symptoms, and/or those who have participated in core health programs, but still have unanswered questions.

You will gain clarity to questions you may have and receive feedback on alignment (have space available to move around).

A healthy pelvic floor and core is a life-long commitment. This one appointment will give a solid foundation to build on.

Pricing Description


Birth Doula Services


Birth Support package includes: support through first two weeks postpartum, one prenatal visit, Partner Prenatal Yoga for Labor and Birth personalized program, labor and birth support, one postpartum visit, resources, and referrals. All details and to schedule a consultation at www.sweetmommayoga.com... be sure to message me first to ensure availability.

Pricing Description

$1,100 Birth Support

1-hour Mentoring


Our time will focus 100% on you.

It is time to center your life to be the loving, patient, and content mom you know is within you.

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, pregnant, or postpartum I will help you navigate your unique story to be confident as you raise the future. No more feeling overwhelmed or leaving things left unsaid.

You will receive the tools and insight to stand in your truth with grace.

Pricing Description

$85 /hr


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