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gentle sleep coaching Q&A - that 1 thing that you just can't figure out or are too tired to figure out

Sleep Coaching


After receiving your completed intake form, I research and prepare for our educational consultation. No time is wasted as I share various strategies and methods that will suit your needs. The information that I share with you is based on your needs and your child's age and development. I will follow up by email with resources for you.

Pricing Description

$75 for 30 mins for a virtual value packed service for 1 child from newborn - 5 years. We discuss various scenarios and methods to answer your question and navigate those concerns. Examples: expectations, teething, transitions, weaning, regressions, naps, travel, medical issues and growth spurts, bedtime battles.

gentle sleep coaching - infants

Sleep Coaching


It's all about healthy sleep habits. I create a practical plan to help you guide your baby towards healthy sleep. My coaching plan will span over the course of 2 months. I offer a guide for each month with follow up calls and emails to help you set up healthy sleep foundations. My goal is to help mom feel empowered and confident by using sustainable methods that are gentle and gradual. It's not just about sleep, mom's wellness matters too.

Pricing Description

For babies under 6 months. $825 for 2 months of virtual support and education to help you and your baby get the rest that you both need!

gentle sleep coaching - practical and proven sleep methods from 6 m-5 yrs

Sleep Coaching


Your child is growing and developing well but hasn't figured out the sleep part yet. The plan is YOUR plan, based on YOUR needs and YOUR child's development. After you complete a detailed intake form, I create a plan for you. YOU are the expert with your baby. We have frequent communication to help you guide your little one by using gradual and gentle methods. Parenting can be difficult without being sleep deprived too.

Pricing Description

$495 - 1 month of virtual sleep coaching for babies 6 months -5 years to improve their independent sleep skills.

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