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Birth Doula

Birth Doulas


Rising Moon Doula Services is an intuitive doula practice helping WOMBen through pregnancy and during birth as you journey into matrescence.
I am available with different techniques, resources and education to help you as you welcome your new child into your family.
I can aid you in birthing naturally if that is your wish, or present other options and information to make you feel confident in your decisions and help design a safe birth space.

Pricing Description

I don’t have a limit set for prenatal visits. We can determine how many visits are appropriate as you communicate your needs during your pregnancy.

I offer a birth package that encompasses the following (this is a guide and can be modified for additional support): 2 prenatal visits prior to delivery, at home labor support before hospital admission (if you've opted to have a hospital birth)/home birth support, 1 hour attending to the family during the "golden hour" and (1) 4 hour postpartum home visit during the first 48 hours. I am available for phone/video conferencing support throughout the first 6 weeks and after as needed. Total cost: $1850.00

Note: Additional prenatal visits are available (can incorporate prenatal yoga, meal preparation, prep your spaces and nursery for baby etc.)

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