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Elysia is a mother of two children who understands the challenges of having kids and dogs at home. She became interested in learning about child and dog dynamics after feeling unprepared when welcoming her first child. Elysia completed the Family Paws Parent Education program and is now passionate about helping other parents support their dogs during the transition of adding a baby to their family.


Q: What drew you into working with parents-to-be?

A: After bringing my own baby home to my dogs 🐕 I realized how unprepared my dogs were for the change. It was the first time I realized my dogs were a risk to my baby and even as a dog trainer I was not ready for the challenge that came with having dogs and babies together! I joined the Family Paws Parent Educator program and the rest is History.

Q: What are your certifications and trainings?

A: I am a Family Paws Parent Educator, hold a CPDT-KA dog training certificate and am working towards becoming a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant.

Q: What locations or areas do you serve?

A: I work in person in the Calgary, Alberta surrounding areas, but also offer virtual services around the world.

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: I’ve been in the pet industry since 2011 and have been a certified trainer since 2018. I have been specializing in child and dog dynamics since 2019.

Q: What's your top piece of advice for an expectant mom?

A: Remember you are never in it alone, make sure to lean on your support network, if you don’t have one build one. It’s the best way to make sure you thrive in this new role.

Introducing Baby to your Dog

Pet Care


Life can be busy, especially when planning for the arrival of your baby. Including the dog in that planning is important! This 4 week online course is designed to help you and your dog feel comfortable and confident though the transition of bringing home your baby and settling into the new normal.

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$150 for 4 week Program

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