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As a trained INNATE and Ayurvedic postpartum practitioner, in my workshops, I emphasize the importance of building a support network or "birth village" during pregnancy, as in many traditional cultures around the world, postpartum recovery of the mother is held in the highest priority.


Q: What's your top piece of advice for an expectant mom?

A: As you consider your childbirth options, please seek guidance on how to prioritize and prepare the resources for your fourth trimester. This should start prenatally, ideally by the 24th week of gestation. Just as expecting parents discuss and prepare a birth plan, consider to put together your postpartum plan and build a trained postpartum team

Q: What drew you into working with parents-to-be?

A: After working with families and birth workers, including birth doulas and childbirth educators specifically, I notice that the time after birth is an overlooked stage, and a widely recognized fourth trimester is not sufficiently covered in the childbirth education taught to expectant parents. I strongly believe this must change.

Q: What are your certifications and trainings?

A: I am a certified INNATE postpartum practitioner. I also trained in Ayurvedic postpartum caregiving with the Sacred Window Studies. I competed M.Ed with emphasizes on maternal and postpartum education. I am a 200YTT yoga instructor and Montessori Parenting educator

CFT | Womb Care | Belly Binding



Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) helps your body unwind from the inner fascia strains and restrictions that may have been cause by birth, stress, unresolved tension.
Womb care and binding helps strengthen your digestion, supports better absorption and elimination and detoxification.
Binding helps bring your muscles and tissues be supported for healing and restoration of abdominal area after pregnancy.

Pricing Description

Wellness services at home and on a location in Colorado Springs, CO and Cambridge, MA

3-hour at home visit is $175. On a location one service session is $95.

Check out packages (available only for Colorado Springs) to plan a long-term care and support for your postpartum healing.
*These services are includes into Packages. The investment for packages depended on the number of services provided, and ranges from $1,250 to $1,850.

Sculpting and Detoxifying Facials Pop Up Events

Birth Doulas


Customized facials using high-end luxurious and results-oriented skincare line to help bring out brighter skin color.

Lymph draining during facial helps move toxins out for a fresh glowing complexion and helps de-puff the face during pregnancy and postpartum.

Sculpting movements help increase blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues, and tone the muscles of your face, countering gravity to help keep healthy and youthful appearance.

Pricing Description

90 minutes sessions - $225
- offered as Therapeutic Facials pop up events in Cambridge, MA, Denver and Colorado Springs, CO.

This is a skin-deep wellness ritual that is best on regular basis: monthly or bi-monthly.

Well-Being After Birth, Postpartum Planning

Newborn Care Classes


Zaure wrote a Well-being Guide, How-to guide for cultivating peace and enjoying your newborn during the first weeks after birth. In this guide and her planning session she teaches you about physiological changes that childbirth creates in your body and mind.
She is passionate and very intentional about educating and resourcing new parents with the services and support they will need during the biggest change of their lives.

Pricing Description

With intention and mindful approach towards postpartum, you can create a way for yourself and your baby to have the time and resources to rest, bond, and enjoy the new season of your life.

Zaure, a postpartum doula, encourages expectant moms to plan the postpartum care together with your immediate team of cheerleaders, people who will be there with you, who will support and care for you in practical ways.
Cost: $75 (group) $125 (private)

Transition to Motherhood

Newborn Care Classes


You are on a journey, on a path that Pam England, Maureen Murdock, and other best-selling authors referred to as descending into the underworld. You need a companion to hold you and support you on this.
Zaure herself has lived this transition and experienced it multiple times with her four children. She has dedicated her postgraduate work and research to exploring and studying this one of the most important season of life.

Pricing Description

When you become a mother, so much changes. On many levels. And you wonder again and again: IS this normal?

Cost: $125, 60 min private session

Montessori Newborn Care

Newborn Care Specialist


If you are looking for guidance in caring for your newborn baby that will help create a string bond and trust between you, and sets up a strong foundation for respectful parenting, then this Montessori Parenting is for you.

You can book a private session or sign up for a six week-long Montessori Parenting Coaching track.

Pricing Description

One hour of Private session is $97. Six weeks coaching is $497.
Group coaching is also available, enrollment opens every quarter.
Please inquire about a special offer is for BeHerVillage.

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