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Redwood City, CA

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About Nora Aldous Doula


I provide thoughtful and compassionate guidance to help you understand the “whys” of babies and early parenthood and then act as a touchpoint as you discover the “hows” that work best for your family. I understand the transition to parenthood/to parenting a new child can be an intricate, complex, vulnerable and ever-changing space that holds nuance, contradictions, joys and challenges. I love to watch new parents grow and connect to their babies and to themselves in joyful ways!

Daytime Postpartum Support (In Person)

Postpartum Doulas


I provide in-home postpartum support for families welcoming a new baby. My support is focused on emotional well-being and informational resources to help you transition to parenthood by supporting you to learn about your baby and process your feelings as you become a parent. I take your lead to support what matters to you as you start to develop your own parenting style. (And yes, I also hold your baby so you can get some rest!)

Pricing Description

10-Hour Postpartum Support package - $600
25-Hour Postpartum Support package - $1,500
60- Hour Postpartum Support package - $3,600

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