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After becoming a mother in 2013, I realized I was called to support women during the early stages of motherhood. In October of 2014, I embarked on my role as a postpartum doula, immersing myself in training that emphasized holistic postpartum care. With a focus on mothering the mother to empower her in the journey of breastfeeding her baby, I'm dedicated to offering my expertise to new parents.


Q: How much experience do you have?

A: I have fifteen years of infant-care experience and have been supporting breastfeeding families for nearly a decade

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Postpartum Doula helping mothers feel supported and confident

Postpartum Doulas


Houston-based lactation support, including home visits, virtual consultations, and prenatal breastfeeding education. Gentle sleep coaching and postpartum doula support can be provided remotely as well.

Pricing Description

Lactation Support:

In-home visit:
I offer a comprehensive 1.5-hour in-home visit for mothers who have recently had a baby and need help with breastfeeding. During the visit, I will provide guidance on positioning, achieving a proper latch, treating sore nipples and breast engorgement, and finding a comfortable breastfeeding position. I will also bring a scale to weigh the baby before and after a feed to see how much milk they are transferring, answer questions about breast pumps, size you for a flange if needed, troubleshoot problems, and make referrals as needed. You will also receive a personalized care plan and 2 days of virtual support through the "Helpme Feed" app and a 30-minute follow-up call if needed.

1-hour video call, emailed resources in PDF form.

*additional follow-up calls available for up to 60 min*

Prenatal Lactation Class:
Before baby arrives, you and your partner may want to get prepared for infant feeding. Scheduling a breastfeeding class in the comfort of your home is a wonderful start. My classes are 1 hour and include a breastfeeding packet full of useful information. We can discuss your breastfeeding goals and I can offer tips that will hopefully instill confidence as you enter into parenthood.

Virtual Postpartum Doula Support:
* Includes postpartum planning workbook in pdf form
* Two weeks of unlimited text support
* Two thirty minute (ask me anything) phone calls and one video session up to one hour
* Access to the help me feed app for breastfeeding assistance
* Emailed resources in pdf form

A la cart:
One week of unlimited text support
Ask me anything phone call up to 30 min

Gentle Sleep Coaching
I encourage the use of “sleep shaping” techniques with my doula clients in the newborn phase. I do not offer formal sleep consulting earlier than the four-month mark. I have sleep-trained older babies, however, my preferred window for sleep coaching is when they are between 4-7 months.

Package includes:

•15-minute free discovery call to discuss your needs and see if I’m a fit for your family

• 1 -hour zoom call to discuss your family’s daily routine, the various sleep methods available and decide the right approach for your family

• Detailed sleep plan in PDF form, tailor-made for your baby

• 10 days of text/email support to coach you through your family’s journey to healthy sleep

• One final success call

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