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The Positive Birth Program - In Person and Online

Childbirth Education


The group course (in person and Zoom) includes twelve hours of instruction, a fear release guided meditation, a folio of evidence based resources, access to an online learning platform filled with digital learning resources, four Australia hypnobirthing tracks, an ebook, a birth rehearsal video, a birth debrief, and additional support as needed.

Pricing Description

1. Live In Person Classes – AUD 595.00
In person group classes are held in Brisbane Australia.

2. Live Group Classes Via Zoom – AUD 495.00
These classes are exactly the same as the in person group classes both in terms of content and presentation. They are still live and “face to face” except instead of meeting in person, we meet via Zoom. These classes are interactive, individualised, and you no longer have to be in Brisbane to take them!

3. Prerecorded online classes - starting at AUD 199.00
Access to an online learning platform with prerecorded educational videos, demonstrations and exercises to help you master techniques, birth videos, and other resources.
And to ensure you feel fully supported, it comes with individualised phone and email support from me.

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