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Postpartum Doula Support


Hourly overnight postpartum support, minimum 8 hours at $30/hr.

Pricing Description

Maternal Affinity Birth Services offers overnight postpartum support with a core value of uplifting the entire family in the early days of their postpartum journey.

Whether it’s holding space, cooking a warm meal, prepping meals for the next day, giving tips/advice/resources, supporting lactation goals, addressing anxieties and fears, encouraging family members, validating emotions or getting a good night’s sleep—these actions are all foundational pillars that every family needs.

With our current societal structure, the village of support that blossomed when someone brought a new life into this world has been lost through the generations. A postpartum doula fills in those gaps of community support that all families deserve and need.

The very essence of mankind begins with a well-supported family.



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