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Pre/postnatal Nutrition

Meals + Nutrition


Learn about foods that best support your changing body and help nourish your growing fetus with our certified pregnancy and postpartum nutritionist, Erica in these 60-minute sessions. Or, create your custom plan to promote healing from birth, support breastfeeding (if applicable), and nourish against fatigue and changing hormones. Each session includes a customized plan of care and follow-up text and email support.

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $125.00.

Lactation Support

Lactation Support


These 60-minute sessions can be used prenatally to prepare for breastfeeding while you have the energy and brain space to absorb all this wonderful knowledge, or postpartum when you are in the trenches. Your one-on-one session with our certified lactation practitioner will give you support, knowledge, tools, and troubleshoot your challenges.

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $140.00.

Pre/postnatal Physical Therapy, Movement Wellness, or Physical Birth Preparation

Pelvic Floor Work


Each of these 60-minute sessions combines musculoskeletal and pelvic health care to
-Address pregnancy aches and pains
-Figure out how to exercise safely while pregnant
-Physically prepare for birth
-Safely return to physical activity postpartum
-Treat postpartum issues (such as back, neck or wrist pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or painful sexual intercourse)

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $160.00.

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