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Nourished & Nurtured Pregnancy & Fourth Trimester


Virtually or in person, feel nurtured and supported on your journey.

Baby will cry less, smile more, & develop well. Develop calm, confident parenting skills. Protect your marriage. Calm your baby. Understand what baby is saying, & enjoy your baby!

During pregnancy:
- Postpartum planning for nourishment, sleep, & relationships
- Nesting party support

After baby is born, feel heard and cared for as you put it into practice.

Pricing Description

$5,000 includes full support to reduce the risk of perinatal mood disorders, including a nourishment plan, nesting party support, relationship support, and sleep support during pregnancy, as well as 12 weeks of 12 hours per week of daytime virtual or in person support after birth as you implement your plans. 24 hour Voxer support (with response during business hours). Come out feeling calm and confident, nourished and nurtured.

Sleep support


Together we create a customized sleep plan that works for you and your family, and you get a month of weekly support plus texting as you put it into practice. My goal is to get to know your child together, and to co-create a plan that is not too easy but not too hard, that builds resilience and is appropriate for your child's age and developmental level.

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $450.00.

Gottman Bringing Baby Home class for reduced hostility, fewer tears, and better sex


Two-thirds of couples experience significant increases in hostility when a baby is born. The Gottman Bringing Baby Home program is a 12-hour class that has been shown to help babies to cry less, smile more, and develop faster. It helps parents to reduce hostility, increase intimacy, and support growth from a loving, confident, unconditional place. Find more details at

Pricing Description

$495 plus materials


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