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Childbirth Education (Classes Only)


At your convenience, we will schedule to meet for 3-4 weeks for an intensive, "soup to nuts" curriculum. You will learn physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of birth...and beyond!
My course teaches about everything from pregnancy wellness, labor / birth preparation and breastfeeding to more unspoken topics like car seat safety, vaccinations and circumcision. All topics discussed with ZERO judgment and will be evidence based.

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $500.00.

In-Home Labor / Birth Support


Specializing in home birth, my doula package includes in depth childbirth education, labor support, hands on breastfeeding support, a postpartum meetup and placenta preparation (if desired). As a home birther of 4 children I am passionate about families birthing in a beautiful, natural, as desired setting. Birth CAN be beautiful. Find out more about me on my website,

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $2000.00.

Placenta Encapsulation


In-home service to preserve, dehydrate and encapsulate your baby's amazing, life-giving placenta!

Included is a laminated placenta print which yields a beautiful tree of life memory with your baby's name and birth stats.

There is a 50% fee reduction if you desire only a print and frozen cubes (beneficial for smoothies).

Pricing Description

Packages for this service start at $300.00.


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