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Prenatal Breastfeeding Medicine/Follow-up Lactation Consult with Dr. Cindy Rubin

Lactation Support


Have a prenatal medical consult with Dr. Cindy Rubin, a board-certified pediatrician and Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine specialist. Prenatal consults can help new moms feel more confident and prepared for their lactation journey. Dr. Rubin can especially help women who are at risk for having lactation difficulties (i.e. History of breastfeeding difficulties, hx of breast surgery, underlying medical condition).

Pricing Description

$299 - Prenatal consults are virtual visits only and patient must be located in the state of Illinois at the time of the service. Cost is the same for any Lactation Consult Follow-up Visits. More information at

4th Trimester Care Package - Postpartum Pediatrics and Lactation Support in your Home

Mental Health Support


8 weeks of care in your home with a board-certified pediatrician and a Breastfeeding Medicine specialist. For 6 weeks, Dr. Rubin, a board-certified pediatrician, will provide pediatric well-care for your new baby in your home. In addition, Dr. Rubin is an IBCLC (lactation consultant) and Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine Specialist, and can provide you with lactation support as needed.

Pricing Description

$2,500. There may be additional fees for travel outside of Dr. Rubin's service area (Near West Suburbs) * Due to the nature of this package, you must contact Dr. Rubin directly via her website to confirm her ability to accept you as a patient at the time you are due with your baby. Acceptance is not guaranteed and is based on your location and practice availability.

Breastfeeding Medicine/Lactation Consult in Illinois

Lactation Support


As a Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine-trained physician, Dr. Rubin can provide physician-level lactation care when needed (help with complex lactation problems or situations), as well as routine lactation guidance and support. She can do these visits in-person (in your home or in a borrowed medical space) or virtually, depending on location and patient preference. Patients must be located in the state of Illinois at the time of service.

Pricing Description

$349 - please inquire with Dr. Rubin directly through her website if you are putting this on your registry so she can ensure she has the capacity to have you as her patient at that general time ( In-person visits will incur an additional travel fee based on distance. 3-visit package that includes 2 follow-up visits is also available.

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