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Prenatal Chiropractic New Patient

Prenatal Body Work


Our Chiropractic new patient process is individualized for each momma. We start with a virtual consult from the comfort of your own home (mom buns and pajamas allowed). The 2nd appointment is in the office for a thorough exam and first treatment. The last new patient appointment is a virtual report of findings to go over all of your exam results and your prenatal plan.

Each follow up visit after your new patient visits are between $45-$65.

Pricing Description

Prenatal Chiropractic care is so important for mom and baby. We start with an online consult to get all of the important details of moms health and this pregnancy to prepare a very specific exam. The consult is $65. The next appointment is an in office exam and first treatment which is $65. And the last portion of your new patient process is an online report of findings to go over your scan and exam results and to put together your best prenatal plan.
The total initial cost is $195.

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