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Healthy Organic Healing Food For New Moms

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Halal Bites is an online health food business that provides freshly made food with highest quality organic ingredients. One of our most popular food product among new moms is :"Panjeeri Laddoo". Panjeeri is a Traditional Healing Food perfect for postpartum and lactating women that help them heal, recover from back ache and joint pain and boost their energy. It has been used in the Indian sub-continent culture for more than 200 years.

Pricing Description

A pack of 20 panjeeri laddoos that weighs 1 lb 6oz is priced at $43.99. The ingredients are 100% organic, raw, nuts, dates, figs, organic ghee and herbs that have been traditionally used for postpartum healing. Checkout about pricing and other details here : https://www.eathalalbites.com/product-page/panjeeri-laddoos-exclusively-for-new-moms-pack-of-about-20-laddoos

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