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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation is the basic service of preparing the placenta to be ingested in capsule form. Individuals who encapsulate and consume their placentas often report boosts in energy, feelings of wellness & balanced moods, smoother postpartum recoveries, and sometimes a boost milk supply. Steamed & Raw preparation is available! All capsules come with complimentary umbilical cord keepsake and a sample of our organic Herbal Nipple Salve.

Pricing Description

Base pricing starts at $230 for encapsulation services, other postpartum product add-ons available.

Doula Support

Birth Doulas


- Continuous support throughout your labor and birth/ on-call @ 38 weeks
- 2 prenatal visits to talk about aspects of labor/delivery, options/rights, communicating effectively with your provider, informed decision-making skills, birth planning and how to best support you in your ideal birth.
- Unlimited Phone/Text Support
- Trusted resources referrals
- 1 postpartum follow-up visit to review birth, help with adjustments and resource referrals

Pricing Description

Essential Birth package is $1200 for full labor support

Childbirth Education Series

Childbirth Education


A class dedicated to preparing you for a beautiful, safe and informed birth experience.
- Evidence based information to help you and your partner make the most informed decisions for your birth, comprehensive teaching of the physical and mental aspects of labor & birth, natural coping strategies, newborn procedures, pain relief options, hands on comfort measures, methods of interventions, informed decision-making skills, etc.

Pricing Description

$350 for the 2-day weekend series

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