Prenatal/ Birth Doula Support, Postpartum Support, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, Domestic Violence


Prenatal, Birth/labor support, Postpartum, Pregnancy Loss, Domestic Violence
My ultimate goal is to make certain that no matter what happens, you have been present for your birth journey, you have been empowered and informed about your birth choices to make decisions that are right for you during the birth process, and have a positive experience. I’m also here for you to “hold space” and provide information on everything you may need.

Pricing Description

What I do:

Answer questions- Bring on all the questions/concerns/fears/excitement!!
Listen to your needs-You are important
Help with birth planning-or not, if you just want to “wing it”
Support everyone! (mom, dad,partner and siblings)- I could never forget them
Meet with you for prenatal visits-It's fun getting to know you!
Be on call for your labor
Provide essential resources- I know amazing people, groups, organizations, books, podcasts
Support your labor and birth- The Big Day!
Postpartum support-including overnights

Payment plans available

Perinatal/Birth/Postpartum Support Package ($1200.00)

3 Prenatal visits at home/virtual/provider’s office
Assistance with birth plan/preferences
Relaxation techniques and comfort measures
Unlimited availability for check-ins via phone and text
24 hour on call support beginning at 38 weeks
Navigating a planned c-section birth
Continuous emotional and hands-on physical support during active labor (Guaranteed to remain no matter how long birth lasts)

3 daytime postpartum visits (2 hours each) to check-in, discuss your birth experience, and assist with postpartum needs including below option
Newborn care at each daytime postpartum visit freeing up time for you to practice self care. Examples include taking a cozy nap, running errands, catching up on a movie, or taking a long shower or bath, etc..
Access to essential resources (prenatal, breastfeeding, baby care, housing, finances, postpartum, emotional etc..)

Postpartum Packages (Split into shifts)
(Does not include perinatal and birth support)

Every family has unique needs, and I can help you arrange postpartum and baby care services for the times you need them the most (based upon your needs). Give me a call and I can help you determine your needs, preferences and how to design the service to best help you and your family. Payment plans available.

TIER ONE PACKAGE ($35 hourly) 4 hour shift, minimum 2 days
Assist with adjustment to baby’s arrival
Newborn care (e.g. bathing, feeding, diapering and comforting)
Lactation support
Support with Postpartum Mood Disorders
Referrals for local resources such as Parenting Classes, Pediatrician, Lactation Support, and Support Groups
Sterilizing, cleaning and preparing bottles
Initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap time
Changing baby's linens
Restocking baby's care items
Keeping a log of baby's schedule and moods
Emptying diaper containers
Laundering baby clothes and linens
Keeping baby's items and sleep area tidy

SOUND ASLEEP OVERNIGHT PACKAGE ($45 hourly) 8 hour shift, minimum 2 days

Newborn care for a minimum of (8) eight hours overnight allowing parents time to sleep and recharge
Sterilizing, cleaning and preparing bottles
Laundering baby clothes and linens
Assist with adjustment to baby's arrival
Lactation support
Tidy up baby's items allowing families time to rest

*Please contact me for weekend rates. Weekends are considered Friday and Saturday nights; Saturday and Sunday days


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